Fife Council agreed to declare a climate emergency for Fife on 26 September 2019.

A Climate Emergency is a public commitment to de-carbonise as rapidly as possible. Fife Council has committed to set a target for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest, this will require a huge transformation in Fife’s communities. There is an urgent need to avoid financial, societal, food chain and eco-system collapse within the lifetime of our children and everyone can contribute.


Fife Council is developing ‘Climate Fife’ a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)

The approved Climate Fife Plan and supporting documents set out Fife’s objectives and actions to move Fife to a vision of:

  • Climate friendly, having transformed the economy, infrastructure, land use and energy system to decarbonise how we live;
  • Climate ready, with plans and projects to increase the resilience of Fife communities and the economy to help minimise the impacts from unavoidable climate change; and
  • Climate just, ensuring that all Fifers and the Fife environment can benefit from this transition.

Find out more on Climate Fife – Fife’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.


What can people in Fife do to help combat climate change now?


Fife's Climate Change Strategy 2014-2020The Fife Environmental Partnership released Fife’s first Climate Change Strategy 2014-2020. The strategy aims to achieve 6 medium term outcomes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

  • More efficient use of resources (energy, waste and water)
  • More energy is from low carbon supplies
  • Encourage more sustainable transport and travel including reducing the need to travel
  • Ecosystems are used sustainably and strengthened



Adapting to Climate Change

  • Places are adapting to cope with Climate Change (including land use, coastlines, buildings and infrastructure)
  • People are adapting to cope with Climate Change