Dear Fifers,

This week we at Fife Council are delighted to be involved with Climate week along with many other councils across Scotland. We feel it’s important to highlight the global situation in regards to climate change and the need to take action locally.

Climate week runs from 18th to 22nd September 2017 and is a national initiative promoted by the Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful. See their website for more details.

Throughout this week Fife Council is offering councillor and staff visits to some of our ground breaking carbon reduction projects. There are also talks and conversations where you are invited to have your say as well as blogs and webinars. For more information and to take part see website.  Here you can see the events calendar, tweets page and blogs including my daily blog on my visits and thoughts regarding the environment and climate change. I’m particularly looking forward to revisiting the anaerobic digestion plant in Dunfermline to refresh my understanding on the process of turning Fife’s food and garden waste to compost and low carbon heat and electricity.

As a consequence of 30 years working in environmental health I’m no stranger to the challenges of climate change and how important it is in the preservation of this planet. As a society we have to remind ourselves we only have this planet on loan from our children and need to look after it for their sake and the generations that come after us. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all Fifers to participate actively to reduce their carbon footprint. They can do this by reducing waste, travelling more sustainably and using low carbon heat and electricity. For more ideas and details on how to do this please check out the following website

Until tomorrow.

With best wishes

Cllr Ross Vettraino

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