Lower Melville Wood Landfill site, by Ladybank, has had a single 500 kW turbine erected. We hope to have this turbine generating soon, we’re just waiting to be linked to the National Grid.

Wind Turbine at Lower Melville Wood- Fact Sheet 


Energy Strategy – emission reduction, reduced energy costs, generate income. Council facing budget shortfall of £77million.



Hub height


Swept Diameter


Height to blade tip


Wind speed


Virtual met mast analysis from Met Office gives a robust conservative estimate of wind speed for the 20 year operational period.



600,000 kWh/year

Met Office VMM used with turbine manufacturer’s data to get output. Manufacturers have to produce data using approved methods. This is a conservative estimate.

187.5 houses

Based on OFGEM 3200kWh/annum for medium electricity use house.


290 tonnes CO2e

Emission reduction based on DER conversion factor for electricity 2014   0.49426kg/kWh


EIA & Pre-application

Planning consent received.


Bats – surveys carried out

The levels of bat activity near to the location of the proposed turbine were found to be negligible for three species of low risk bats and at low levels for one species.  As a consequence any potential effects on the conservation status of local bat populations, due to mortality associated with the proposed turbine, are likely to be negligible and not significant.

Due to the above no mitigation is deemed necessary in this instance


Noise assessment

Noise limits drawn up by Institute of Acoustics adopted by Public Protection.

Consultants produced a computer generated model (contour map) of predicted noise levels, based on the turbine proposed. This showed that predicted levels at nearest houses & schools are within allowed limits.


LVIA – Landscape Visual Impact Assessment

Planning Application contains statement by consultant on visual impact as well as presenting photomontages from a number of viewpoints considered representative. More were requested by the planning committee and have subsequently been provided.


Turbine Estimate of £1.3m

Capital cost, inclusive of external project management support.


December 2015

Planning permission granted January 2014.




Access track and crane pad, fencing around construction area. Will be removed as far as is possible and area reinstated once turbine up.



Foundations, turbine, cabling, substation for connection to grid (may be elsewhere on site). Crane pad for maintenance. Planning conditions usually require removal of part (above ground) or all of installation after 25 years, or at end of life, whichever is earlier, and reinstatement. No fence, not required.


Inspection twice a year. Annual service. Inspection and servicing may require access by lighter weight lifting gear.