Fife Council’s Carbon Footprint includes carbon emissions from the following five elements:

  • Buildings Energy- heating, lighting and equipment

  • Infrastructure Energy- street lighting and signs

  • Fleet Fuel- cars, vans, lorries

  • Pool Car Mileage- business miles driven by staff in pool cars

  • Business Mileage- business miles by staff in their own car.

Calculating Fife Council’s Carbon Footprint

To calculate Fife Council’s Carbon Footprint we need to…

1.  Collect data, such as:

  • the amount of energy (e.g electricity and gas) used by our buildings and infrastructure in kilowatt hours (kWh)

  • the litres of fuel used by our fleet vehicles (e.g. cars, vans and lorries)

  • the number of business miles undertaken by staff in their own cars

2.  Work out the equivalent tonnes of carbon emissions

To do this, data is multiplied by a carbon conversion factor (sometimes referred to as a ‘greenhouse gas conversion factor’.) This then gives you how much carbon dioxide equivalent emissions is produced by that activity.

There are different carbon conversion factors for more information.

3.  Combine all the calculated tonnes:

The total Carbon Footprint is found by adding up the tonnes of carbon emissions for each element:

Building Energy Emissions + Infrastructure Energy Carbon Emissions + Fleet Fuel Carbon Emissions + Pool Car Mileage Carbon Emissions + Business Mileage Carbon Emissions = Fife Council Carbon Footprint