Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of Fife Council Energy Strategy.

Over 70% of the Council’s carbon emissions come from heating and lightning council buildings (half of it comes from schools and leisure facilities). gas and electricity bills cost the council £13.1 million in 2013/14.

We aim to reduce revenue costs and carbon emissions by implementing energy efficiency measures across the Council’s estate.

In 2013/14 over 100 Energy Efficiency projects have been implemented including:

  • projects to improve the thermal performance of the buildings and reduce their heat losses, for example – attic insulation and cavity wall insulation;

  • projects which improved the quality of the lightning and sustainability reduced the energy consumption;

  • projects addressing the mechanical building services, for example- upgrading the boilers from non-condensing to condensing and converting electric heating to gas;

  • projects that improved the BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and heating controls.

The above improvements will save the Council an estimated £262,000 in energy costs annually and reduce carbon emissions by 1,437 tonnes a year.

Janet Archibald, Energy Engineer

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